Emplifi Pub Quiz Game

Social events at work has always been something to look forward to for me. In Emplifi, game nights where we play board games while hanging out with colleagues turned into a tradition. Every few months, we celebrate succesful releases and focus on having fun for a whole evening.

So when I decided to organize one where the theme was “trivia”, we decided to build a game from scratch instead of using a third party solution.

Trying to come up with something between Trivial Pursuit and a traditional pub quiz, I tried to design something that could be accessible to all colleagues attending the event.

As a result, we created a game where each round a new category is chosen by the team with the lowest score. The goal was to help the teams stay in competition while relying on their strength when it comes to categories.

There are about 30 questions in each category, with 10% of them being slightly more difficult than the others to help teams get bonus points. Meanwhile all questions within a category are randomly shuffled and the game won’t allow us to pick a question from a given category if all questions are exhausted. There are also different types of questions such as picture questions or sound based questions.

You can access the project and test it yourself through this link.

Game & System Design: Mehmet Ekmekci
Technical & Visual Design: Adam Vesecky

Genre: Puzzle/Trivia
Engine: PixiJS + ParcelJS
Team Size: 2
Duration: 1 Month – June 2022
Platform: Web Based – Built for PC and Tablets
Current Stage: Done

Below you can see a showcase video and a picture of me hosting the event that we used the game for.

Emplifi Pub Quiz Showcase